Sports- and leisure activities


The Motorhome Area is located in the countryside and is a direct starting point
for hiking and cycling tours. 

Adjacent is a bird sanctuary and the nature reserve Sierra Oliva / Santa Barbara with beautifully landscaped walking trails and bicycle routes.


Possible activities include:

  • Walking, hiking, jogging
  • Activities with dogs
  • Photographing and observing the bird sanctuary
  • Cycling (both for amateur cyclists, as well as professionals with mountain bikes and road bikes)
  • Quad biking, motocross riding
  • Hang-gliding, paragliding
  • Sports activities of all kinds, such as trekking or climbing


  • 1 Mountanbike
  • 2 Roadbiker
  • 3 Hiking walking jogging



The site, with a large surface area (about 20,000 square meters) offers plenty of space and unlimited opportunities for 

Sports and leisure activities on site such as:


  • Ballgames, like bowls
  • Archery
  • Beach ball, badminton
  • Frisbee, Boomerang
  • Cross-Golf
  • Yoga, Meditation
  • Kite flying,
  • Slackline


  • 1 Slackline
  • 2 Kite
  • 3 Yoga meditation

  • 4 Golfaction
  • 5 Bowls
  • 6 Quad


Tours, such as:


  • Wine tasting at Bodegas
  • The cave of Monte Arabi


  • 1 Monte Arabi cave
  • 2 Monte Arabi cave
  • 3 Monte Arabi


  • In the Nature reserve
  • In the ecological park to the wind turbines
  • To the bullring, museums, churches and culturell centers
  • To the castles in Almansa and Villena